Influencer: Jenn Fluri

By Gal Dagan | Interview | 03/01/19

The other day I was scrolling through my discover page on Instagram and I noticed one of Sydney's up-and-coming influencer and immediately knew I wanted to know more about this girl. With a killer sense of style and a great eye for photography, Jenn knows how to mix classics with contemporary pieces in a way that exactly fits a nonchalance sophistication.

Meet Jenn Fluri: a Social Media Sales Manager for Event Hospitality and resorts, part-time blogger of all things fashion - major earring enthusiast - and, most important of all, obsessed with her dog.

Influencer: Jenn Fluri

Fashiola x Jenn Fluri

1. If you had to choose a trend that would be banned from fashion history and a trend that you could save forever, what would it be?

A trend I would ban, definitely the chunky Dad sneakers – I despise them!! And a trend I would save forever…. Statement earrings for sure!!

2. What is one fashion item we'll never find in your wardrobe?

Unfortunately I’ll never be one to wear jeans. They have just NEVER found a pair to suit me and don’t think I ever will. Love them on other people but just not myself!

Influencer: Jenn Fluri

3. What are your 3 best work-out tips?

1) Find something you love – that way you are more likely to stick to it! I love boxing and find it’s a real stress reliever so don’t really see it as a work-out!
2) Treat yourself every now and then! I find when I restrict myself of the things I love completely, I’m much more likely to fail!
3) Put together a good playlist! Working out to music I love makes ALL the difference!

4. What or who inspires you?

In fashion, my biggest inspiration is probably Christine Centenera. I am obsessed with her style and love ALL of her looks. In life, I am inspired by the people I love, my family (especially my Mum and sister) and my friends!

Influencer: Jenn Fluri

5. 3 songs that are currently on your playlist?

Damage – Mya, Let You Love Me – Rita Ora, Better – Khalid

Discover more about Jenn on her Instagram - make sure you give her a follow to keep up to date with her latest looks!

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