Influencer: Bianca

By Gal Dagan | Interview | 14/11/18

I'm one of those people that love to just browse about all social media platforms to discover new accounts I can totally immerse myself in, get a bit of new inspiration or just simply freak out about amazing feed vibes. It wasn't any other than this on the day I stumbled upon Bianca's Instagram, and in a second you'll understand why I fell in love with her & her fabulousness instantly.

Meet Bianca: in short, lover of all things fashion, beauty, art and of course - food. Residing in Sydney and working 9-5 in HR, her Instagram is her side hustle as a creative outlet to help her express herself. 

Influencer: Bianca

Fashiola x Bianca

1. If you had to choose a trend that would be banned from fashion history and a trend that you could save forever, what would it be?

If I could ban a trend from fashion history it would be the velour tracksuit and jacket look, and I'd save the cute scrunchy look! They're so cute and can really add to an outfit.

2. 5 fashion items you cannot do without?

I can't live without my denim jacket, black jeans, oversized white shirt, sneakers and a classic stripe tee.

Influencer: Bianca

3. If you'd be able to fly away tomorrow, where would it be to and why?

Anywhere in Europe - the food, the architecture, the music, the culture... need I say more?

4. What or who inspires you?

My sisters first and foremost, and everything else around me such as sunshine, the books I read, ambition and creativity.

Influencer: Bianca

5. What is the best and the worst purchase you've ever made?

The best purchase I've ever made would have to be my Levi's mom jeans - I am so obsessed with them and they're SO comfy! And the worst purchase I've made would be the neon/fluro pink tee I thought would be a good idea.

Discover more about Bianca on her Instagram - make sure you give her a follow to see gorgeous pictures and a stylish feed.

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