Blogger: Inspiring Wit

By Gal Dagan | Interview | 04/02/19

While searching far and wide for the most interesting people on the internet to get to know for myself and to introduce to you, Jenelle's blog Inspiring Wit is lots of Aussies' go-to for the best fashion advice, local Perth tips and beauty regime picks.

Meet Janelle: a full-time fashion, travel and beauty blogger based in Perth, freelances as a photographer, digital marketing creative and copywriter. Lover of travel & listening to old rock songs while working away in her office. 

Blogger: Inspiring Wit

Fashiola x Inspiring Wit

1. What or who inspires you?

These days it can be anything from Instagram photos, listening to music or watching old movies to just a good old walk in the park.

2. What was the last gift you've given someone?

Over Christmas, I gave my family light down jackets for next winter and a dress to my best friend.

Blogger: Inspiring Wit

3. What's a trend you'd absolutely love to come back?

Gosh, that's a good question! And I am stumped by it. I think most trends I like have come back already in some way.

4. What is one fashion item we'll never find in your wardrobe?

There are a few! I'm not into Dad sneakers, bum bags or neon.

Blogger: Inspiring Wit

5. What is your favourite European city you'd recommend everyone to visit?

It's an obvious choice but I love Paris, so it's the first on my recommendation list. Alternatively, I love Prague, Vienna and Lisbon. I'd happily live in any of those cities and encourage people to visit!

Check out Jenelle's Inspiring Wit Instagram for go-to skin care products, make-up tips and endless fashion inspiration.

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