Blogger: From Luxe With Love

By Gal Dagan | Interview | 19/02/19

Style inspiration lacking today? Don't worry any longer - I've got you. On my never-ending search for Australia's most fashionable ladies I come across a lot of different blogs and Instagrams, but not all of them stick in my memory as go-to's for images that will satisfy my aesthetics-hungry self. Whether that's style, beauty, skincare, interior design or travel pictures that will make my heart skip a beat - I'm a sucker for all things beautiful. And so I came across From Luxe With Love..

Meet Natalie: after having worked as a makeup artist for a number of years, she founded From Luxe With Love as a way to share some of her favourite beauty tips and products, along with her personal style and travel photos. It's now become an online destination for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Blogger: From Luxe With Love

Fashiola x From Luxe With Love

What or who inspires your style?
I think these days inspiration is everywhere! From Pinterest to Instagram to people on the street, there are so many things that inspire my personal style.

If you had to choose one black item from your wardrobe, which one would that be?
My Celine Mini Luggage bag! I bought it in Paris for myself after I graduated so it's quite sentimental and I think it's a beautiful bag. Plus, it can fit literally everything I need for the day inside so it's also a great travel bag.
Blogger: From Luxe With Love
What is one life lesson you'd like to share?
Don't compare yourself to others.


What's your favourite Sydney fashion store?
I shop mostly online these days, but I always love Parlour X, Tuchuzy, For Artists Only  and Mode Sportif.

Blogger: From Luxe With Love
What's one must-have item for this winter you'd recommend everyone to invest in?
A good quality coat in a neutral colour that can go with almost everything will never let you down!
For all things Natalie and her style in gorgeous images check out her From Luxe With Love Instagram - I promise you won't regret it.
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