Style Support with Shopbop

By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Fashiola's Tips | Ads Disclosure | 03/09/19
Style Support with Shopbob

To celebrate 20 years of Shopbop, the online retailer for on-trend designer goods are celebrating the best part of fashion - style conversations. At Fashiola we love nothing more than talking, writing and sharing everything that has to do with fashion, so we share some of the fashion goodies that got us talking. 

Your Summer Sandals Fix

Sandals are the official shoe of summer, why you ask? Because there is literally a sandal out there for everyone. If you’re the type who doesn’t mess around with girly heels then there are sporty slides and comfy Velcro sandals (yes this is a fashion thing now). For those of us who like a bit of heel for the office or under summer dresses then there are sandals with chunky heels that won’t even feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. Last but not least, sandals like Birkenstocks or chic leather sandals stripped from details offer the luxury of endless wear.

Bling worth breaking the bank for

Please apologise to your wallet for me, you’re going to find it very hard to be rational about buying these delightful little gems. Maybe you can make a wishlist on Shopbop and “accidentally” leave it open on your boyfriend's, friend's or girlfriend's laptop and hope they get the hint... Anyway, these earrings, necklaces and rings are seriously swoon-worthy and worth spending a little more on.  Simple, refined yet with a touch of personality is what defines jewellery you'll want to wear day after day. 

Actual Bag Goals

These bags aren’t just any old bags, they are Bag. Goals. The type you dream about when you drift off after your lunch break, secretly scrolling through online shops. The kind that you can picture yourself going to brunch with this weekend as well as a chic vessel for diapers in five years. The size must be absolute perfection, not too big, not too small so that they fit all your essentials without feeling like you're carrying too much. They are trendy but will still be so in 10 years with classic shapes and quality materials. 

For when you’re never planning to leave the beach

It’s swimwear season! That means we get to go through that love-hate relationship with buying bikini’s and swimsuits all over again. Yay! No seriously, it can be heaps of fun if you’re shopping at the right location like Shopbop and checking out the coolest, most stylish brands. From fashion-forward one-pieces to classic black bikinis and cute bikinis in bright colours or patterns, you can find it all on Shopbop. If you’re looking for a full beach look, checkout beachwear, there might just be a kaftan you’ll fall in love with…

Our favs under $100

If that whole leaving your wishlist open on someone else’s computer didn’t work and this month’s rent is a little more urgent than diamonds (one day ladies, one day), there are plenty of more affordable options on Shopbop. We’ve selected our favourites under $100 because, well, we’re nice like that.

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