Fashiola’s Tips: What to wear to a conference

By Gal Dagan | Fashiola's Tips | 07/09/18

Hello, businesswoman! Ready to travel, near or far, to represent your company? If so, you’re in luck, because today our Fashiola's Tips series will cover the business casual items and outfits you need so you know what to wear to a conference. Don’t stress out, styling a business casual look is not complex, there are just a few rules to follow. There are quite some options to choose from, which we’ll discuss into depth below. So grab your notebook and pen, make sure you note down anything that is important so once shopping or styling your wardrobe for the next trip, you’ll know what to wear to a conference.

Our top tips on what to wear to a conference.

Tip #1: Business casual is your way to go

A conference is a very specific event that requires knowledge of the situation and the players. Conferences usually seem like a time frame in which you’re in a different ‘universum’ with different rules and expectations. But not when it comes to your wardrobe. Dressing professional, sophisticated and classy is just as important as at the office. Therefore, the magical keyword that encapsulates the feeling of your outfit should remain business casual. Here are our favourite items that act as a staple to your business casual wardrobe:

  • Business dress: Grab your favourite business dress out of the closet because she’ll be your very best friend during the conference. Luckily the business dress is very easy to style and you can’t really go wrong, regardless of what you choose to wear with it. But for a great outfit, style it with a pair of mid-height mules, a long cardigan and don’t forget a pair of earrings and a necklace. If you’re in a French mood and you dare to, try a beret for a little surprising element.
  • Formal trousers: Oh yes, every woman looks great in trousers. Whether petite or tall, these trousers give you legs for days. Pair it with a blouse, a cardigan and a pair of ankle boots and you’re ready to go.
Fashiola’s Tips: What to wear to a conference

Tip #2: Never, ever, forget the holy grail itself, it is of course.. the business jacket.

Without a doubt, please give a round of applause to the one and only, our absolute favourite must-have of a business wardrobe… the business jacket. As a woman in business, we are sure you’ve met once (or twice..) someone who didn’t take you seriously, who thought you shouldn’t be where you are just because you’re a women. Your confidence can definitely take a hit if you hear things like that. But we’re here to build that confidence back up, because we believe in you. And you should believe in yourself. You are capable, you are smart and you have earned your way to where you are now. How does that relate to a simple jacket? Well, in our experience, once you look great, you feel great. So you have to dress like that boss babe that you are! And a business jacket is the perfect item to give you that feeling. The right blazer can give you confidence you haven’t felt before. So go on, search through the styles and colours and find the business jacket that gives you that extra confidence push.

Tip #3: Remain comfortable all day long on your mid-heels.

Whether you’re the thin heel kind of girl, prefer something a bit more sturdy like a wedge heel or a block heel, make sure you’re taking care of your back with a pair of mid-heels. You might be sitting a lot, but you will also be walking a lot, mingling and making connections. The last thing you’ll need is sore feet and an aching back, causing you to retreat to your room early. So do yourself a favour and pick a mid-height heel. You’ll look just as great, we promise.


We’ve put together a demo business casual outfit you can copy or get inspired by. Take a look below.

What to wear to a conference: style a business dress and a b

Finding and styling business casual outfits can be tricky, especially when you have absolutely no clue what to wear to a conference. But with our tips, we’re sure you’ll manage to find an outfit or two in which you will look great and feel confident. If you have any remaining questions left, contact us on Instagram and we’ll make sure to help you find your conference look.

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