Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

By Annabel van Eijk | Fashiola's Tips | Ads Disclosure | 29/10/19

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that colourful outfits will brighten not only your look but your mood, like when you snack on a little piece of sneaky chocolate after lunch, you’ll feel invincible. But, it turns out that wearing colour is also a great way to get out of whatever outfit routine you’re in (I see you, white t-shirt, black pants and sneakers uniform ladies).

It’s not that I never wear any colour, but at this particular moment, I felt I was getting in a little bit of dull period when it came to my outfits. Which considering my closet is on the verge of bursting with clothes, really shouldn’t be the case. So I gave myself a little challenge to wear as much bright colour in a week as possible and actually, getting dressed in the morning just became much less of a dreadful challenge.

How to wear more colourful outfits?

Each morning I’d throw together a colourful outfit that had at least one element of bright colour to it, usually starting with the colourful piece and building around it. I discovered little gems like a necklace I had in some drawer somewhere, a dress I shamefully just forgotten about and that I should really, really try shop for other colours than pink…

If you’re doing this challenge, you might start off thinking – but I don’t have enough colour! I have a feeling you might have more you think, and that’s why it’s fun to try this out and discover what colours your wardrobe might have in store for you.  

I could have headed straight to the section of my clothing rack that is just cute summer dresses and worn one of those every day, but decided that that would be too easy. Again, it’s about challenging yourself to put together outfits that you normally wouldn’t. Also if you have one pair of colourful shoes or one bright pink top there’s no harm, in wearing them twice in a week!

One other thing I noticed was that I really matching colours rather than mixing it up and doing some colour blocking, perhaps we’ll leave that for the next challenge… Let’s have a look at my outfits, shall we?

Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

Monday – “Boyish but make it girly." 

So to start the week off easy, I went with one of my favourite t-shirts right now. This pink is very, very bright and it freshens up the classic stripe style. I also just love how the boxy cut goes nicely with both baggy pants and slim jeans. Since just wearing my favourite top and pants wasn’t going to make this challenge very “challenging” I slipped on these pink sandal heels and turns out matching colours is a pretty fool-proof way to brightening your outfit.

Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

Tuesday: “Do I own any other colour than pink?” (spoiler alert: I don’t)

Apparently It’s not just on Wednesday’s that we wear pink, it became clear in building my colourful outfits that pink is by far my favourite hue. Anyway, colour is colour and as I was rummaging through my closet I found this mini dress hidden in my “very, very summery clothes” pile, accompanied by a Hawaiian shirt and all my crop tops. I figured, the weather is warm, I might not be on any of the Caribbean trips pinned to my 'Holiday' Pinterest board but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear this cute dress. Pairing it with these Asics sneakers instead of simple flats also just gives it a bit of a brighter feel.

Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

Wednesday: “If you can’t find colourful pants, wear your pyjamas.”

This is where I got into a little bit of panic, nothing major, but I was getting a bit iffy about just owning pink and didn’t want to just wear my floral dresses because that would make this whole challenge very easy. Anyway, I thought I’d switch things up with a colourful pair of pants rather than a top, making it just a bit more difficult. But turns out, I have 20 different shades of blue jeans but not a single coloured pair of pants in sight. So what’s a girl to do? I have to at least glimpse at my pyjama section and alas, I found these pants.

To be fair, I did buy them with the intention to wear them as pants. I wore them on a trip to Sri Lanka but other than that they were too pyjama-y and comfy not wear as my night time fav. But, paired with some big chunky heels and a black tight top rather than a white t-shirt which I tried first, they don’t really look like pyjamas!

Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

Thursday:  “It's not that easy being green."

By this time, I will be happy to say that I have become a real colour aficionado. Honestly, I bought this T-shirt once and never even touched it after that… But here I am giving it the outfit it deserved with a pair of green Converse All-Stars. I’m not sure why I didn’t give this T-shirt a chance earlier, it has a cool casual vintage feel to it that I usually love, but this colour always seemed a little too 'Out There' For me to wear. I darkened the look a little with these black Madewell jeans ( my absolute fav right now) to give it a little more of a dressed-for-work vibe. 

Here's how I broke my outfit routine just by adding more colour

Friday: “I really like pink, SUE ME!”

This pink one-shoulder top has been a real favourite this summer, it works great for a night out or when it’s super-hot outside during the day. As there’s a little thing called the air conditioning and appropriate clothes for the office, I threw over a pink long-sleeved shirt to cover up a little without hiding the bright pink hue of the top. Again I matched it with lighter pants and shoes to keep it feeling bright rather than contrasting it with darker pants and shoes. Then for the finishing touch, I put on one of my many headbands for a little purple sparkle, does it do wonders in making me look above sixteen years old? No. Does it make me feel extra concentrated when writing these blogs with my hair pushed back? Yes. Does it add colour? Yes, yes, yes! 

So to finish off, I’d like to say that yes, I could have taken this to more of an extreme. But still, challenging myself to inject some more bright colours to my outfit really gave me the opportunity to discover some new things that were hiding in my closet.

There’s nothing wrong with a little outfit routine, but if you’re stuck once in a while, it’s not a bad idea freshen things up with a little bouquet of bright colours. You might be surprised by how colourful your colourful outfits can be.  Of course, you can also use this blog as an excuse to shop a little, I've selected some of my favourite bright, colourful outfits on Fashiola so scroll down!


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